We’re excited to announce that ATTA esports-themed NFT products will soon be officially launched on Mynft. With ATTA’s strong resources and production capabilities, they’ll introduce more premium content into the Mynft platform, covering music, movies, tv shows, celebrities, etc.

ATTA is a blockchain-based content creator for premium copyright assets. By…


Mynft is thrilled to announce that we have successfully closed the seed funding round which was led by Hashkey, with participation from Dapper Labs, Everest Ventures Group, Seven X Ventures and Yuanyuzhou Ventures. The funds will be used for team building and product development. …

Art is the main body, technology is the tool, when the magic of art and technology collide, what kind of wonderful new world will we enter?

With the diversification of the NFT market, more and more creators and consumers are entering this new field. At present, NFT has fully exploded…


A user-centered NFT aggregation platform.

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