Mynft officially launched on Flow Blockchain Mainnet

Today, we’re so excited to announce that Mynft officially launched on Flow Blockchain Mainnet after NBA Top Shot, VIV3, etc. The smart contract of Mynft already passed Flow’s official security audit.

Mynft is a Flow-based NFT platform designed to connect East and West markets and provide users with a premium NFT experience. The Beta Version release comes with basic features such as the creation (minting), trading, auction and display of NFTs. Besides,it supports various formats including images, audio, and videos. The blind box, social communities and other functions will be gradually opened.

NFTs on the Mynft is minted on the Flow blockchain to ensure every digital content’s scarcity, uniqueness, and authenticity.

Mynft is an NFT platform based on Flow to bridge eastern and western markets and provide excellent user experience in the creation, trading, and social interaction.

Flow is a public blockchain built to support the next generation of applications, games, and digital assets. Additionally, the core contributors and original creators of Flow have vast experience in collaborating with some of the world’s top IPs like the NBA, UFC, Ubisoft, Warner Music Group and delivering rich experience for the mainstream audience. That gave us the trust that Flow will be able to provide both the scaling and the low friction user experience necessary to empower Mynft to reach consumer scale adoption.

About Us

We are a group of crypto fans from Asia. Our group members include technical experts on Flow and community operators with years of working experience in the blockchain industry. We are dedicated to introducing new ideas to the NFT world and providing amazing user experiences.

We’ve been very excited to see massive interest in joining our platform from global creators, including artists, musicians, filmmakers, video makers, game & animation studios, and writers. For the beta launch, we will gradually onboard new creators on an invite-only basis. Once Mynft reaches a stable stage, the platform will open up to new creators worldwide.

Thank you for your time, we can’t wait to bridge the gap between Asian culture and the growing metaverse of NFTs.

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