Mynft Seed Funding Round is Officially Closed

Mynft is thrilled to announce that we have successfully closed the seed funding round which was led by Hashkey, with participation from Dapper Labs, Everest Ventures Group, Seven X Ventures and Yuanyuzhou Ventures. The funds will be used for team building and product development. As the first project launched on Flow Blockchain in China, Mynft has also received grants from the Flow Foundation and committed to connecting eastern and western markets to provide users with premium mint NFTs, trading and social experience.

“NFT marks an entirely new era of digital content commercialization which shows numerous directions that are worth exploring — — a brand new asset class, new trading transaction structures, new social relationships and new usage scenarios. Mynft will continue to connect eastern and western markets and build a prosperous NFT value circulation network based on user-oriented.” — — Xin Xing, the founder of Mynft.

With the increasing appetite for NFTs ,in 2017, CryptoKitties was launched and became the first project that caught public attention to NFTs and then in 2020, NBA Top Shot became the unicorn in the entire NFT industry. As a result, a variety of digital artworks, collections or items in games, digital collectibles and other digital assets are entering the market. At the same time, a rising number of global well-known IP owners, independent creators, game developers and internet giants, etc are flocking to co-build the NFT ecosystem.

“We have always believed that culture and creativity should cross borders and Mynft is such a cultural link between eastern and western cultures. Its openness and social properties provide creators, even the normal people, with the most freedom to create and publish their works at the lowest cost. Besides, members from Mynft team not only have a deep understanding of Asian creator market, but also have rich experience in running top international projects such as Flow and $Whale. We hope that Mynft can become a calling card of Asia’s NFT that leads Asian creators and culture to the world.” — — Xiao Xiao, Investment and Executive Director of Hashkey.

“Mynft is the first platform from China to launch on Flow and we are excited for them to pioneer the growth of NFTs that bring together the East and the West.” — —Anuke Ganegoda, Business Lead, Dapper Labs.

“Mynft opens up infinite possibilities for the East and connects both the eastern and western markets. In the foreseeable future, it will achieve great success with the support of the Flow Blockchain” — — Jerome, Co-founder of Everest Ventures Group.

“The success of a NFT project depends on two essential elements: native perspective of blockchain and team members’enthusiasm in the NFT market. As an integral and necessary part of the world’s culture, Eastern culture and creativity are currently relatively less influential in the NFT field. We expect Mynft to be a bridge connecting cultures, consumers and communities in both the East and West market, as well as providing a culture habor for Generation Z.” — — Li Rongbin, Founding Partner of SevenX Ventures.

“NFT plays an important role as a content vehicle in the metaverse that we will see NFT categories extend from art and games to all aspects of life in virtual spaces in the future. Therefore, it is particularly important to lower the threshold for users to enter the NFT industry and Mynft give young people access to create their first NFT and develop a range of social activities around NFT.” — — Alen, Partner of Yuanyuzhou Ventures.

We believe that the future of NFT will bring new opportunities for art, music, films, literary creations, games, sports, media and more. In this wave of the digital age with endless possibilities, we are very honored to have so many investors’ support. Furthermore, Mynft will continue to accelerate the development and iteration of our products to better meet the demands of creators and consumers.

About Mynft

We are a group of crypto fans from Asia. Members of Mynft are all experts in the NFT market that include technical experts who work for Flow Blockchain and community operators that have rich work experience in the blockchain industry for years. We are dedicated to introducing new ideas to the NFT world and providing amazing user experiences.

We’ve been very excited that users or creators who have strong interests in joining us globally, including artists, musicians, filmmakers, video makers, game & animation studios, and writers. Our beta version has already launched, we will continually onboard new creators on an invite-only basis. Once Mynft reaches a stable stage, the platform is able to open up to more new creators worldwidely.

We welcome every creator to submit quality works on the platform. Application;

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